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Davines – Reformulated Essential Haircare launch!

We are so excited about the launch of the newly reformulated Davines Essential Haircare line on January 26th. I recently returned from a 3 day Davines educator update training where we learned new color and styling techniques as well as received training  and certification on the newly reformulated Davines Essential Haircare line. I am so excited to share all of this new information with my clients and fellow stylist. The new Essential Haircare line is now SULFATE, PARABAN FREE and VEGAN with the exception of the Volu Mist. 

Davines has added a new family to the Essential Haircare line named MINU for color treated hair. The reformulated line is produced using only energy from renewable sources, with Zero Impact packaging and 33% less plastic. Essential Haircare reaffirms the Davines’ commitment to the environment with a new objective: to contribute to the safeguarding of our planet’s biodiversity.

Davines has decided to collaborate with the Slow Food Presidia Project. An organization that protect the SLOW FOOD movement and slow food producers. There are more than 400 Slow Food Presidia worldwide, 250 which are in Italy and 10,000 SMALL FOOD producers (farmers). They protect these small food movement.  The goal is to relaunch the economy of these areas and prevent the extinction of local artisan traditions. Each family in the Essential Haircare line contains one specific active ingredient from a Slow Food Presidia that features the story, the face, and the name of the farmer who grew it.

Davines and Sustainability. 
As part of LifeGate’s Zero Impact project, the carbon dioxide emissions that are generated by the production of each Essential Haircare container are offset by contributing to the planting of trees in the Amazon and in Italy. Essential Haircare is produced with energy obtained entirely from renewable sources.

Essential Haircare is also biodegradable. Using high percentages of  biodegradable ingredients of natural origin, to minimize environmental impact.  I am so proud to be affiliated with a company that is constantly evolving and cares about our environment! Davines never ceases to impress me! 


On our first day of training we had the opportunity to work with the new Essential Haircare line. We were each given a model where we used a specific family within Essential Haircare. I used the newest member to the family MINU on a model/fellow Davines educator.  Minu is for color treated hair which helps in enhancing the shine in cosmetic colored hair as well as helps the color last longer. The amount of shine after I used the entire family was incredible. The reflection of my models hair was amazing. In fact, we noticed that all of the models had very shiny bouncy locks! Who wouldn’t want healthy, shiny locks? Look for your nearest Davines salon or shop online at our Davines online store



Christina_Sanchez_Hair_Design @ Lotus Salon and Spa

I’m proud to announce that  Christina Sanchez Hair Design will now be at Lotus Salon on the East Side of Costa Mesa. My hours will remain the same, only the location has moved! Lotus Salon and Spa opened 7.5  years in Costa Mesa right behind Nectar Juice bar. They have recently relocated to a larger and beautiful space within the same area. Lotus Salon and Spa is also a Davines salon so you may purchase all of your Davines haircare and styling products. Change is good and we are all very excite for this new venture! 

You may book your next salon service with me by phoning 949.646.2400 


Lotus Salon & Spa

427 East 17th St.

Costa Mesa, Ca. 92627


DIRECTIONS AND PARKING:  If you want to avoid 17th street traffic an easy short cut through the East Side of Costa Mesa if you are coming from LA, or North County or South County you can take the 55 North Exit 22nd/Victoria turn LEFT of 22nd St. take it all the way down till you hit Tustin Ave. Turn RIGHT on Tustin and take all the way till you hit 17th ST. then you will turn LEFT on 17th St. and Lotus Salon will be on the right hand side across from Ruby’s Diner. Two major cross streets are Tustin and Irvine. There is ample parking towards the rear of the parking lot. 


Davines World Wide Hair Tour 2014! I am headed to Europe once again!

DAVINES #WWHT2014 #ChristinaSanchezHairDesign

24 DAYS till I cross the pond headed to London for this years Davines World Wide Hair Tour! This event happens in a major metropolitan city internationally and it is the time of year where the International Davines community gathers for 3 days of inspiration and education!  I will be out of the salon on October 17th – October 30th. Don’t wait pre-book your next salon service today! Schedule  today at 714.557.1691 Following London I will head off to Prague, Kutná Hora and ending my European holiday.


This years talent includes:

 Angelo Seminara , Davines Artistic Director and three times “Hairdresser of the Year”;

Allilon – Hairdressing Academy London, Education Brand that works by pursuing a very creative and original concept;

Samuel Rocher, his Parisian salon is synonym of elegance, innovation and excellence;

- Brian Suhr & Kirsten Demant: team spirit and creative armony are the success factors of the Danish couple who promotes Davines’ style all over the world;

- Anna Pacitto, classy Canadian hairstylist, also winner of the North American Hairdressing Award.

Young rising talents won’t lack with the 10th edition of the World Style Contest, reward that honors the best Davines style interpretations through a live show with selected finalists from all over the world:

Anthony Polsinelli (Canada), Chantal Girard (Canada), Valentina Fiscaletti (Italia), Ignacio Muñoz (Messico), Keegan Nelson (Nuova Zelanda), Doc Calao-Lao (Filippine), Lalys Mendoza Sanchez (Perù), Tatyana Samohvalova (Russia), Schumi Yi-Ta Chen (Taiwan), Sophie Harris (Uk).

There will also be another competition: the EcoSalon Contest, closely related to sustainability, one of the main pillars of Davines philosophy.

Therefore, once again Davines WWHT will represent a true full immersion in the beauty universean intense and exciting adventure, enriched by some leisure moments such as the Welcome dinner in the ballroom of the Westminster Park Plaza and the party in the Fabric discotheque.

Keep posted by following my Hashtag #ChristinaSanchezHairDesign #CSHD #WWHT2014 #EuropeanHolidayLMT on Instagram, Twitter and on Facebook!

#EducationIsKey #CSHD #WWHT2014 #DAVINES



OLAPLEX – The Best Tool In Hair Colouring To Arrive In The Hair Industry.

olaplex-logoThere has been lots of buzz about the long awaited and anticipated Olaplex before it launched last month. We, colorist have all awaiting for it to be available. Impressed by celebrity hairstylist like Guy Tang, Aura Friedman, Tracey Cunningham’s testimonials of before and after photos of taking models with darker hair to tones like platinum without causing breakage to the hair kept me glued to the Olaplex Instagram and Facebook feed.  Imagine that taking clients from dark brown to blonde with NO BREAKAGE! It’s true!!! 


Founder Dean Christal spoke to Mary from and here is the Olaplex story; “I was working with a group of chemists for three years trying to develop a UV activated silicone that would stay in the hair for up to 25 washes. It worked beautifully 80 percent of the time, but 20 percent of the time, various wavelengths in the UVA range made it sticky. An Australian chemist working on the project suggested that I take a shot at meeting Craig Hawker at the Hawker Group at the University of California, Santa Barbara. He said Craig was a chemistry savant and the only one capable of coming up with the solution for our problem. I hung up the phone and immediately drove out to the university and unannounced, walked into Mr. Hawker’s office. We talked for four hours. Almost immediately, Craig came up with an idea for our perplexing UV activated chemistry, and he and I discussed what it would take to create the holy grail of the beauty industry—preventing damage to hair. Craig was intrigued with the idea of repairing hair and preventing chemical damage from occurring. Craig introduced me to Eric Pressly that evening, a PhD in materials, and when I returned the next day at 2 p.m., I was given my first batch of Olaplex. “Craig and Eric were both surprised that the industry had not created something like this,Dean shared. The work these chemists are famous for involves helping to stop organs and transplants from being rejected by the body. It’s life-saving work. Dean convinced Craig and Eric that helping women feel more beautiful was also life-saving work and just as important.


Olaplex will gives us/hairstylist the insurance, the ability and confidence to push the envelope without comprising the integrity of our clients hair! After receiving my first batch of Olaplex I had friends/models including myself that I wanted to use Olaplex on. I used it for color corrections, highlighting, Flamboyage, all over hair color services and alas as a hair treatment similar to a deep conditioning service. What I noticed was stronger hair that had ZERO breakage and the cuticle was in tact, the hair was noticably softer and shinier hair. Those who had frizzy hair also noticed smoother less frizz for weeks. Now, don’t get this confused I am not saying that it is similar to the Brazilian Blowout or any other Keratin based treatments. However hair is indeed smoother and much more manageable. Many questions that I am getting from hairdressers interested in Olaplex is “Will it work with all color lines”, as the Olaplex company claims it will I have tried it in the lines I work with which is Davines Mask Colour and our ammonia free colour line – A New Colour. I have used Olaplex in both our lighteners (bleach) and colour. I love Davines immensely for the vibrancy of our colour line, grey coverage, longevity of color and shine! Not to mention is conditions the hair leaving it healthy and shiny and soft. Now, with Olaplex it seems as though that all these things that I LOVE about Davines has been amplified. Below are some images of some of my guest who I have used Olaplex in their formulations. 08.2014 08.2014_2 08.2014)_2 1902923_10204348503217009_7338324275370445881_n

I wish that I had taken a before photo of my lovely guest who wanted to go from a medium brown with copper to a blonde. This is the after (above photo)

augus14 10593037_10204551545532940_3116638912123733260_n aug_2014 Diptic

Olaplex is a 2 part system which includes the following steps per the company; Olaplex Bond Multiplier No.1 by adding directly into lightener or color. After rinsing color from hair, you apply the Olaplex Bond Perfector No. 2 for a minimum of 5 minutes then rinse, shampoo, and condition.  The guest has the option of purchasing the Hair Perfector No.3 to use once a week to further strengthen hair. I use the Hair Perfector No.3 as a leave in for my guest after the step 2 is complete. Keep in mind this is NOT a deep conditioning treatment. I do offer a variety of Davines Naturaltech treatments that can be seen on the “SERVICE MENU” link  The up charge for the Olaplex Treatment is $20 to any color service. The Hair Perfector No.3 can be purchased and used once a week at home for $24. 


CHRISTY_9.2014 august_2014_tif august_lauren ausust_lauren TAM_09-14_2 aug2014 van AUG.2014




Classic French Braid – Frida Kahlo.


Another Frida Kahlo inspired braid with a halo of fresh flowers for an upcoming wedding that I am doing the hair for! I love art inspired projects! 


Urban-Native, Spring/Summer 2014 Hair Trends.

Get ready ladies for the trending forecast for Summer/Spring 2014 in hair. Wella Global Creative Directors Eugene Souleiman for care and styling and Josh Wood for color were recently asked what they foresee for Summer and Spring this year. These talented men described this season in hair as the URBAN-NATIVE.  
From a styling perspective the Spring/Summer 2014 trend offers a “deconstructed, very natural feeling to the hair with textures where they should be. Hair isn’t ironed flat or over-styled – it’s natural, pretty but a little bit edgy. The style is much looser and much cooler, which reflects the personality of the girl who wears it,” says Souleiman. YAAAAA, that means ladies put those flat irons to rest this season and embrace your waves and curls.  Wella_Trend_Vision___Urban_Native___Look_7
Urban Native 1
For color – the Urban Native movement shifts the hair color palette by transitioning away from bright and intense colors into soft corals and bleached pastels – a look that Woods says is “very soft pastel that almost has a washed out quality.”
The Urban Native collection is about “poetry and emotion”, balancing perfection and imperfection. Combining wind swept hair with bold summer colors sitting with softer tones. Is how Hester Wernert-Rijn, one of Wella Professional’s Global Creative Team members describes this new collection. When I look at this collection I think of  phrases to describe it as “Soft, muted, casual, simplicity, natural,  creamy blondes, lived-in, beautifully undone, faded vibrant tones, depth, blending tones and I can keep going on this. Though there are unnatural tones like PINK in this collection we are not seeing intense bold vibrant tones. Everything about this collection whispers soft tones and loose texture.
wella-trend3So, for this season think softer tones and retire that flat iron for a bit and let your natural movement speak. I am so excited about this new collection.  

#FRIDAYFAVORITE – Hairstyle by James Abu-Ulba 2012 Davines World Style Contest winner.

I love following James Abu-Ulba’s work. Seeing James cutting live on stage at the Davines World Style Contest 2012 in Miami was great and seeing him present at the World Wide Hair Tour 2013 in Paris was also a pleasure to see his work. Hair truly is a a fabric, a material for an artist. James is certainly one of the many talented stylist and today he posted some of his recent photos of his work and this is today’s FRIDAY FAVORITE. I asked James what technique did he use for this look. I thought that it was the “Figure 8″ technique. James told me that he used “Drop root spiral wrap as I wanted more of a curl consistency rather then the Afro curl I find I get with a brushed out figure 8″.  Teaming up with James was also a very talented hairstylist Christina Dominelli who I had the pleasure of meeting years ago when she  was part of the Cristiano Cora team doing the color for Cristiano’s collection called “Velocity” in May 2011. 


Watch James talk about his influences and showcasing his collection.

James’ collection that he presented for Davines World Wide Hair Tour – Paris 2013. This was a great show.


FRIDAY FAVORITE – Davines Alchemic Silver shampoo + conditioner.

Today’s #FRIDAYFAVORITE is by Davines – Alchemic System – Silver Shampoo and Conditioner.  The SILVER shampoo/conditioner is one of the 6 intermixable shades that are direct pigments within the Alchemic System by Davines.  Alchemic System is a line that is enriched with pure pigments in 6 shades, Silver, Red, Copper, Tobacco, Chocolate and Golden. They enhance both natural and cosmetic color. The Silver line will keep your blonde locks vibrant whilst controlling those unwanted yellow tones. It is also great for white – platinum hair.  It leaves the hair looking shiny, soft to touch and vibrant in tone. 



For those blondes may it be natural or cosmetic if you have ever wanted to try going PINK sans the commitment try our Alchemic Red and read this little post I wrote on a previous blog entry. 
The beautiful model in the above image is part of the most recent collection for Davines by our art director Angelo Seminara and color by Edoardo Paludo called SLEEK SWAN

Happy Friday!


El Paseo Fashion Week 2014


Some of the hair/make-up inspiration for the looks that we will be recreating for Fashion Week El Paseo on Friday. Inspiration is taken from the 70s. I’ll be headed to Palm Springs in the morning! I AM SO EXCITED to be doing hair for some of the Alexander McQueen collection! Here is an inspiration board I made for this collection on Pinterest.
Teaming up with my friends once again from the ROBERTO MADERA SALON team and fellow #Davines educators for this years show.

Doing hair for The Best of Saks Fifth Avenue men’s and women’s wear for spring 2014 includes looks by Stella McCartney, Etro, Roberto Cavalli, Alexander McQueen, Dolce & Gabbana, Pucci, Ralph Lauren for women, and Etro and Dolce& Gabbana for men.



We have a few great classes that are coming up this month and continuing till early May of 2014.  We are in need of hair models and for the first of the classes I am looking for hair models for a color correction class that I will be taking on March 24th in Studio City, CA. with celebrity colorist,  Catherine Provenzano and her academy – The Art of Hair Color. Last month I took her prerequisite class “Color Theory 101″ which I highly recommend for all hairstylist to take no matter what your level of experience is. I found her class extremely helpful and it was great to re-visit basics. The class in which I need a model for will be for a hands-on corrective color class. The color line that will be used will be Davines and the color service will be complimentary. Contact me via email and attach a current close up photo of yourself. Email to


Blow dry hair models needed. 

I am teaching a “Basics Blow Dry” classes  begining on March 25th, 2014 for the assistants at our salon. These classes will be held for four weeks on Tuesday’s at 3pm.  The following types of hair texture for models needed are:

1) Medium/short curly hair to be blow out straight (flat wrap blow dry)
2) Fine medium length hair 
3) Curly (any length) hair for a diffuse blow dry. 
4) Any length/texture for a blow dry set (think Victoria Secret bouncy big hair)

Contact to book for either the Color Correction or Blow Dry classes email or phone for more information to 714.557.1691 and leave a message for Christina Sanchez inquiring for the class.